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THERE'S A NEW PADWAN IN TOWN.  He's addicted.  He's riding a ton.  Therefore, I shall call him Miles.  Like all enthusiastic riders he shall live or die by his miles.

His biggest problem is he's actually an athlete. He just concluded his college football career.

Let the record show,
any college athlete with limited training,
will quickly blow past the experienced rider
who was merely a high school athlete
or no athlete at all.

It will be almost impossible for Miles to cut back on the miles, especially the going-hard miles.  He can already see the direct correlation between miles and speed.  Intuitively, more hard miles will always equal more speed.  Plus, he's used to suffering.  He's used to running until he pukes, lifting weights to complete failure, etc.  

Today he came to ask the The Old Diesel how it's done.

How do I train?

Well, it's like this. 
First, if it ever stops being fun take a break. 
Second, you must ride easy to be able to really ride hard.  70% of your time should be like right now... conversational, easy, Zone 2.
Third, if it ever stops being fun take a break.

That's it?

That's it for now Miles.  Screw it up and you'll be chasing an old diesel all summer, or quit all together.  Got it?

Got it.

It's not the piles of miles,
It's what you do with them Miles.

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1 Less Car

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It started off as a simple prod by a fellow cyclist blogging about the virtues of his 10 mile commute by bicycle each day..

So I tried it.

It’s not as easy as you’d think.  It takes some planning: gear and logistics. A RaceDay bag will help keep you on track.

Now I’m hooked.

Working a schedule makes it easy, and makes it something I look forward to at the end of the day when I’m commuting home.  Arriving relaxed vs. stressed from traffic is life changing.

The days I ride in, I’m first one at the office and I’m energized to make good things happen.

For sure, I’m riding home on Mondays, and back in on Tuesdays.  The straight shot home is about 20 miles.  On the way in, I leave very early and catch the world famous TMWC.  Meeting up with the group makes the commute in 40-50 miles depending on the route.

Loving the 1 Less Car lifestyle changes, I’ve added a second day to the schedule, bouncing between Wednesday and Thursday.

You in?… The first person to say “I’m in… and send me a Strava link to their commute is gettin’ one a these fine, ultra soft 1 Less Car t-shirts.

You’ll send a message to the rest of the world, that you’re down for doing your part in reducing traffic and pollution; and increasing fitness and fun.  It’s a 100% cotton t-shirt with an athletic cut… and you’ll look sharp.