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Building a Team Brand

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2016 Velosport T’s

Part of building a team involves building a brand.

Velosport is a local team we work for.

They have their main logo, but it’s rarely seen.

Like most teams, sponsors cover their jersey, and canopy.  That’s proper, the sponsors are paying the bills for the team.

We gather all those sponsor logos and make all kinds of cool stuff for them.

Once a year, they make a one off t-shirt for the members that has nothing to do with their sponsors or their team logo.

That’s fun.

It binds the crew together.

Got a shirt from 5 years ago?… that has a meaning all it’s own, and that’s branding.

Ridin’ With Nelly

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Nelson Vails 1984 Olympian and Silver Medalist
Nelson Vails 1984 Olympian and Silver Medalist

The first time I saw Nelson Vails was ’84.  The first time I rode with him was in ’88.   The first time we connected was ’12.  Today he called.

Pull up chair kids.

The summer of ’84 was a special one for me.  I’d just returned from a church mission to Mexico.  English was a struggle.  Culture shock all over.  No job, free time, the Olympics in LA and this new thing called ESPN 24/7.

I flipped on the tube, and there was Alexi Grewal on the roads of Mission Viejo racing away from all the favorites.  The drama was amazing.  Steve Bauer bridged up to him and Alexi did the road cycling version of the rope-a-dope on La Paz… yes kids, the same La Paz we slug it out on Canyon Velo Long.  Bauer was by far the superior sprinter and would go on to much greater cycling success, including wearing the Yellow Jersey… but, not that day.  Gold for Alexi and America.  Lots more gold and silver and bronze cycling medals would follow.

I was hooked.

I wanted more, and would get it because track cycling was up next.

The track was outdoor, in Carson.  The racing would go on for several days.  The US Team was very prepared, and looked awesome.  All the guys were cool, but one guy stood out…

… the bike messenger from Brooklyn…

… his name was cool, he looked cool, and he was a cool customer.  Check it.

It was a team of standouts, and I was rooting hard for him to do great.

What would it be like to be that fast?

I pumped up the old LeTour and pedaled around the condo complex.  It was old and neglected, but it rolled.  It was a lot like the clunkers I’d ridden in Mexico.  The wind on my face and through my short hair felt sublime… it was freeing.

5 years later, I’d graduated and married and picked up cycling.

We lived in Irvine.  I was on the local team, Canyon Velo.

One day, either on Food Park or Coffee Crew (it was originally a Saturday ride), he was there.

No joke.

Nelson Vails was on the ride.

I’d heard he was in town, and heard he’d been riding the group rides.

And there he was.

So cool.

I was trying to be cool… but, I wasn’t.

We were rolling up Back Bay, in a decent double pace line, and somehow I wound up next to Nelson Vails.

I tried small talk, I’m horrible at small talk.

He just looked at me and said something like man, you gotta keep your thumb and forefinger touching like this… his accent was so Brooklyn… I was star stuck… “like this” he said again, showing me his fingers wrapped confidently around the bar.  Not gripping, just confident.

You keep your hand like you have ’em, hit a bump and you lose control… take us all out.  Got it?  Yep.

I still think of that conversation all the time, and I can honestly say that little tidbit has saved me more than once on and off the road.

20 something years later we became “friends” on FB.  I told him about the advice he’d given, and we laughed about it.  Now he has his Rides with Nelly going, and yesterday I see he’s gonna be at Tour de Tucson Saturday.  I post, C U there.  This morning I see he likes my comment… you can do that on FB, make friends with people and get to know them.

Then my iPad rings.  It’s Nelson.

I’m making eggs.

Yo, what’s up Nelly?

Hey, you want to ride up front at Tucson with me? (I want an accent).

Heck yes I do.

Cool, here’s what you need to do… I listen, I get it.  I’m in.

Now, I can’t tell you more because I have to keep it on the down low… but I can tell you there’s a slight chance you could join us.  Don’t think I’m a turd here, but it’s up to me to make sure you merit starting up front – you’re fast, and you’re safe.

Let me know if you want to ride with Nelly next Saturday.


Racing Is A Lot Like Going To Church

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Photo by Called To Creation
Photo by Called To Creation

You got your Sunday best, jersey and bibs.

You got your chapel, race course.

You got your preacher, race promoter.

You got your congregation, racers.

You got your opening announcements, racer meeting.

You got your opening hymn, the National Anthem.

You got your sermon, the race.

The sermon, for most of us is hell, fire and damnation.

We are chastised and castigated for our lack of discipline with our diet and sleep, for our lack of care with our spouse (bike), and for our lack of paying attention to the commandments (bike handling skills).

Post sermon, the preacher tries to pick our spirits back up…

…in reality it’s mingling with the other sinners that makes this church time so special.

Sharing our sins and our burdens with each other, and giving a helping hand where possible and accepted. Cheering each other on for the good deeds of the previous week, and sustaining each other in the efforts to be a little better in the coming week.

Yep, it’s a lot like church… and that’s why I love it, and love our flock, and pray for our preacher to give us a good sermon in his chapel.


Today’s NonDot race went pretty good for me.

I’ve been really tired lately, and just kinda burned out on racing and riding hard.

This fall has been epic for surf, and I’ve blown it by not taking a bike off-season.

But, we are in this big research phase for a revolutionary race series we are planning and so we’ve been hitting every single race and fondo and ride we can.  It’s a ton of fun, but it’s hard to do this late in the season.

My power was good and steady through out.  My times on the three big laps were:

00:27:49.75 00:27:54.80 00:27:47.54

… can’t ask for more than that.

I’m really digging my Fluid.  I found this by chance at the Whiskey 50 where I’d run out of Hammer Heed.  There’s something about it, it’s a much more sustained energy for me.  I still use Hammer Recoverite, post ride… though with our new, always stocked Muscle Monster fridge at work I’m only going Recoverite when I don’t want all the caffeine.

Tire pressure seems to be nailed down at 24 lbs.  On my hard tail, that pressure seems perfect.

Speaking of hardtail and perfect… I railed the big down hill, posted a 4th faster over all – ever.  Not bad for the old diesel.

The guys and gals at NonDot put on another great event.  I like what they’re doing.  It’s simple, like Simple magazine simple.

Oh, my canopy got wings when the wind picked up.  Shoulda staked it in.  It was the back wall that was causing havoc. I’m going to make a new back wall out of our stretch mesh that I use on the bike rack banner.  It’s a really cool fabric, big vents, stretchy and still shows the print really well.  It’s kinda see through too, which will be different.  Plus, it will fold up super small.

Got to catch up with a lot of friends.  My friend Gerrit is retiring next year, and his wife Kim retires the year after… happy for them.

Scott McClain’s company name is so fitting, Called To Creation.

It’s been a long 2 1/2 weeks for Susie… she’s been in Utah caring for her mom and she’s exhausted.  She comes home tomorrow, which means I gotta get off the couch here and do some deep cleaning… gotta get to the store too… she’s needs a vacation, I miss her. She comes home tomorrow, which means I’m gonna skip church and go visit my parents in Encinitas before Susie lands in San Diego.


Roll Recovery

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Roll Recovery

My friend MIke Gould showed me this the night before the Tahoe 100.

He promised it would be awesome.

I used it.

It hurt like hell.

An hour later, that night… legs sore as ever.

It seemed like a really bad idea to do before a major event on my calendar.

I woke up the next day.

Ate my sardines and black beans.

Rolled up to the start, and had the race of the year.

You can get Roll Recovery at your local bike shop – got mine at RNR.

One of the best tricks of the year for me… and will definitely use tonight after NonDot.

PS… once you start using regularly your legs won’t hurt like hell.  It takes 10-15 minutes to use properly, perfect for TV watching.


Hush, little baby, don’t say a word

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Sleeeeeeeeeep… I was robbing myself of so many benefits by not sleeping enough.

Then, my son Trevor started racing.

I hooked him up with my coach, and he actually listened to what she said.  He was a dry sponge soaking up every word, where I was a soggy old dog.

He was living like a monk.  Sleeping and resting tons.  … and flying on the bike.

So, I started to listen to his advice… “Dad, you gotta sleep more.”

Here’s what I noticed, and for old dogs this matters:  I recovered a lot better and quicker, and I lost weight.

Yes… that’s exactly what my coach told me would happen, but…

I’m bringing this up today because I learned something you probably don’t know.  When we sleep our brain cells shrink and spinal fluid comes in to that new space and clears out excess proteins.  When your dad has Parkinson’s (mine does) that gets your attention, because proteins play a roll.

There are all kinds of articles you could read regarding cycling and sleep, like this one.

The thing that has helped me get a lot more sleep is a sleep app.  It follows the old rule, you get what you measure.  Measuring sleep, like measuring hours and miles, will have an effect on how much you get.

Sweet dreams.

PS  I can only handle about 6 weeks of structure at a time so my coach cringes when I call every year or so with I have major goal… she’d much prefer I see her a couple of times a month.

Why I Am Pre-Riding Race #4: Casper’s Wilderness Park

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Pre-riding pretty much guarantees you’re gonna go faster.  But, you have to have a strategy.

I won Super-D Nationals at Mammoth in 2004 & 2005 (age group, not pro).  Both years I went to Mammoth multiple weekends before the big race and pre-rode the course.

Some runs were very slow, looking at every corner and line.

Other runs were full gas, to see how things looked at speed and to adjust my bike set up… I used the same black Turner 5-Spot each year – wish I’d kept that bike.

2005 shot down the top of the world-famous Kamikaze course… we hit 45 miles an hour.

It was so fast.

Our second and final weekend of pre-riding I tested out the goofiest set up ever:  skin suit, no protective pads, road time trial helmet and my motocross goggles… what a dork!

You should have see the looks John Tomac and Greg Herbold gave me on the bus to the lifts.  Hahaha… all fun and games, I couldn’t resist blowing by those guys pre-riding the Kamikaze section.  Whoops.

On race day, I came into a steep wood ramp with way too much speed and went over the bars.  I lay stunned in a giant dust ball.  I almost quit, but I came to my senses, realizing I’d been hauling @$$ and passing a lot of guys (it was a time trial format).  It took me a bit to get up to speed, I’d gone down really hard.

Crossing the line, I had no idea how I’d done.  Breathless,  I could only wait.  My brother-in-law Mike had come down and my buddy Bryson had raced.  I was pissed about the crash.

Finally an announcement.  Todd Brown wins by 7 seconds.

To win by 7 seconds in a race that took 25 minutes is nuts, but it confirms that pre-riding can make the difference.

…back to this weekend…

The day before a big race, I like to get on the course and hit it hard in sections.

Whether I’ve seen the course previously or not, I’m gonna open up my legs.  Doing 5-10 minutes several times in a Zone 4 effort works best for me.  I’ll rest in the days coming into it, but I’ll always do some good, hard efforts the day before – on or off the course.

Join me Friday if you want… I’ll be at Casper’s at 7:00 am, at The Old Corral Picnic Area

If you want to sign up.

I’m Married To T-Rex

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surfergirl… but I don’t wanna be a T-Rex, which can happen to a cyclist that neglects the upper body.

I love being outside, so hitting the gym has never worked for me.

Here’s what’s workin’ these days:

Surfing, I prefer traditional surfing… but my lady has shown me stand up paddle surfing can be fun too.

The pull up bar in my bathroom door jam gets yanked on most every day… I can only do 8 in a row, used to be able to do 15 : (

Couple a times a week, I jam through my combination of push ups, pull ups, light hand weights (15lbs, don’t mock me), and core work.

It ain’t much, but it’s enough to keep me strong for gnarly MTB trails and able to surf and most importantly help Susie unload the dish washer (not often enough).

Speaking of my T-Rex, it’s because of her love for red meat (and I mean quivering red).

That’s a good thing, as it turns out I need a lot of protein in my anti-T-Rex diet.


Let The Sunshine

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let-the-sunshine-in1The time change always brings new energy to TMWC… some rides like The Market Ride die in the winter, we just keep growing.

30+ guys showed up (ladies?)

So fun.

New attacks, new wheel sucking… even a detour – Aliso Creek Bikeway is getting new pavement!

The pace?  Well, let’s just say it’s not slowing down.  For old turds, that’s a good thing because we need a good kick in the fanny once or twice a week.

If rest is required, go to the back.  If hard ride prescribed, go to the front – and pull through!

Welcome To My World

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Hi there… I’m Todd, and I want to “officially” welcome you to our world.

About 5 years ago, I shifted my talents for promotional marketing from the corporate world to the cycling world.

I started helping my local bike shop get some great T-shirts vs the boxy el cheapos they’d used before.

Soon we were cranking with customers like you, riders who appreciate quality and fit vs my corporate customers that wanted a junky give away.

From T’s we offered our canopies… same thing, the corporate guys wanted the cheap steel frames, and the cyclists loved the all aluminum, super light option.

Delivering greatness to people with a shared passion is so much fun!

That’s what we do at PEDALindustries. We get the cycling world killer product, and make your brand look awesome.

Sometimes seeing is believing, that’s why I want you to see first hand one of our products – in this case our t-shirts.

If you’re like me and would pay a couple of bucks more to get a killer T vs crap, then we gotta get one in your hands for FREE…

… I want this relationship to start out right, so the PEDALindustries T is on me.


I am going to WOW you with SO much value you’ll feel obligated to buy everything from me in the future (just kidding… kinda).

It’s the same t-shirt we use for DHDwear and many other brands.

Sound good?

Cool… pop your email address in here.


Todd “Your New Custom Guy” Brown

PS You’re going to get an email in a few minutes verifying you’re not a robot… you aren’t right?

PSS  The next email’s subject is “Poof, Business Goes Up In Flames”

Ride Today, For Tomorrow We Vote

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never-too-old-to-voteMy free world problem:

Ride home tonight and back in tomorrow after TMWC only to drive home and vote with the masses


Drive home tonight and ride home after TMWC and vote early?

Cra-cra that I spent my first groggy moments working this out.

We’ve had a lot to work out this election cycle, and so much remains to be solved.

To that end, I purchased Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics last night.  It’s time to dig in, and participate meaningfully in the discussions.

No more time for “mailing it in”, get in that booth!




Recovery, somtiems you gotta shut ‘er down

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15It’s hard enough to slow yourself down, even harder to get the gang to cruise.

Today I shoulda stayed off the bike. It’s too pretty and I have house guests.

Air BBNB – Brown’s Bike N Board

We all played nice and cruised the coast.

The kids pounded up Cove – my legs felt like 5 tons.

If you don’t take time to recover, you can dig yourself into a overtraining pit of dispair… and and possibly not come out for weeks or even months.

Stay rested my friends.


You must have been one heck of a guy, Mike Nosco

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The Spot
The Spot

800 riders are flocking to a park in Thousand Oaks CA to memorialize a man most of us never knew, but somehow we caught his spirit.

It’s about 8am on a Thursday and the texts are coming fast and furious.

Where are you?

Where ya at?

I’m north side of lot.

I’m stuck in traffic.

Hope we see you.

We are all rushing through the LA jungle to honor Mike Nosco on a bike ride that takes place on the 3rd of November each year – the day his ride ended.

At 9am, 800 of us take the lane and slowly roll out.

The road is beautiful, lightly traveled, Southern California coastal farmland at it’s absolute best.  There is a beauty and peace in the air swirling around the slow procession lead by a fire truck.

I get it.

Mike probably just wanted to relax and go for a spin.  This is special country, far from the war torn lands he had traveled to many times.

The route bathes me, it’s cleansing.

We stop.

This is where it happened.  A lonely country road with no shoulder, no place for a good life to end.

But it does.

And we are left to think about our own lives, and the roads we travel and the friends we make and the impact we may or may not leave behind.
Peace be with you Nosco family.

A sense of who Mike is.
A sense of who Mike is.

… we all wanna change the world

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Matt Wenger is changing the world, AGAIN.

He did it before by creating the largest weekly mountain bike race in the world: Over The Hump.

Matt’s new creation is the Revolution Bike Fest, and it starts Friday.

He’s so pumped that asking him what it is all about is like getting hit with a fire hose.

Here’s the distilled version:

600+ bikes from 17 manufacturers for you to ride

New trails and a terrain park for you to punish said bikes on

Lots and lots and lots of fun activities for you and your family – especially the youngsters

This revolution is about expanding the joy of bikes to our families, and our friends.

Revolutions take dreams and make them reality.

Revolutions start with an invitation.

Here’s your invitation from Matt:

Couple of things: I got involved in the bike sport scene in 2007 to recover from a motorcycle accident, only to fall in love with the sport. What I didn’t realize is through the bike is that I’d found a cure for much of what ailed me (injury, anxiety and a pre-diabetes condition). Turns out even my work is now entrenched in this awesome community of amazing people that I get to ride with, spend time in the saddle, and grow in amazing friendships.  I’ve made amazing friends, discovered new places, and found an activity that I can do for years and enjoy the fun thrill of adrenaline and cardio fitness at the same time.

My top 3 reasons why you should stop in at Revolution for at least a day, this weekend:

  1. A Family Friendly bike event with something for everyone (Riders and innocent bystanders). Kid’s Fest activity center, with tons of fun geared for the 10 and under crowd, music and beer for the non-rider…..all that close to home; you don’t have to travel to Oregon for an epic ride weekend. It’s right here in SoCal.  And the whole family can enjoy the fun.
  • Road bike rides
  • Kid’s crafts
  • Mazda Corn Hole Tournament Saturday
  • Huge Exhibit area with brands, yummy food, and good beer.
  • Saturday all-day live concert, with 8 bands, including National Headliner “Dramarama”
  1. Your ticket allows you to ride over 600 bikes from 17 Bicycle Manufacturers all in one place (Most bike gurus have to make a pilgrim to the two international Bike Tradeshows to find this kind of stable.) Learn to embrace or reduce your carbon footprint: bike technology can cost more than a car, or as little as a pair of Tommy Hilfiger loafers. We’ll have it all here, but you don’t have to sell your car to have a great bike for you (unless you want to). Road bikes, gravel bikes, custom steel bikes, kid’s bikes, electric bikes, gravity gun bikes and all the awesome Orange County features to enjoy them.
  • Snow Summit closed last week, so we’ve built SoCal’s newest Bike Park right here at Irvine Lake, as a perfect test track for feeling out your demo rides.
  • What’s the big deal with Electric Bikes you ask? Try one and find out.  E-Bike demo course onsite. With 5 electric bike brands to rev up and go.
  • SRAM and Shimano bring out their newest component releases for onsite demos.
  1. We’ve sent out the beacon and they’re coming.  You should too.  Meet some of the most amazing people on the planet. You are awesome, and we want you to come join our 2 wheeled family.  The SoCal bike community is family is inclusive. I’ve learned more about life from friends on bikes or bike trips, gained new riding skills, following behind them, and developed life-long friendships that have traveled with me through the hardest times.

Revolution is kind of an anomaly, while most bike events throw a number on to bring out the competitive, this is less a test of testosterone and fitness, and more an outdoor life-lover’s fairy tail.

Big, small, girl, boy, local or traveling from out of state? Yep Revolution is for you.

We hope you’ll join us,

Revolution is bringing together all kinds of people, Life’s too short to be static, bored, or alone.  Bikes bring out the best in people- they connect us to our inner child, and early memories.  It doesn’t really matter what kind of bike, or where kids grow up, most of us remember riding to friends houses, heading to the 7-Eleven, or just doing circles on the cul de sac.  This is your chance travel back in time.

Discover your inner kid and bring your kids with you.

Tickets start at $25 for a day visit general entry ticket, $40 for the Live Music pass. Kids six and under are free. Weekend Full Experience Pass includes bus transportation to ride locations, 4 meals, 4 beers, all access pass, and entrance into all the great clinics, expo area, and more.

Revolution Bike Fest

Terrain park is taking shape.
Terrain park is taking shape.

SuperDave, and The Rest of The Super Freaks

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The way I figured out Super Dave was much more than a time trialing, curb jumping maniac was via this terrific podcast:

I was super surprised at how articulate, thoughtful and impactful he is in the cycling industry.

Shame on me, but that’s what happens when all we do is ride together and tear each other’s legs off.

Dave was an integral part of Felt for many years and is now General Manager of 3T.

If you want a glimpse into how “The Sausage Gets Made” (how bikes are manufactured) you’ll love the interview by Cycling Tips.

Half of me is glad we don’t talk about work when we ride, and half of me wishes we connected better.

Is it worth it to make connecting professionally easy?

SuperDave at TBW from the Tempus. The Germans missed the split in Doha but pulverized the bunch on the first steep pitch today. — feeling punished at 臺中大坑.
SuperDave at TBW from the Tempus. The Germans missed the split in Doha but pulverized the bunch on the first steep pitch today. — feeling punished at 臺中大坑.

I Can See Clearly Now

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­­­­­­­Loading my crusty, old Oakleys into the RaceDay Bag for my commute home it occurred to me that I see better than ever.

How’s that?

If you ride enough you’ll “see it all”, you’ll develop a “spider-sense” and be able to predict the future.

New guys get dropped more, crash more, flat more, break their gear more, generally have a tougher time.

Old guys seem to sail right on by.

Swap old with experience and it’s the same result.

A young 30-year-old with 15 years of riding under his bibs easily outwits the 45-year-old business sage newby on the local ride.

Given equal fitness, experience will nearly always come out on top.

Want better vision, faster?  Ride often, read books, watch video, get a mentor.

Crusty & worn out, they've been with me on many a great and less-than-great ride.
Crusty & worn out, they’ve been with me on many a great and less-than-great ride.

Respect The Speed

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Why ya gotta be a hater just because I’m going twice as fast as you and not breathing hard don’t mean ya need to be a turd about me squeezing by…

…“Strava” under your breath…

Hell boy, I been ripping this climb for 25 freakin’ years and I have a little tiny black book with my times scrawled in Bic ballpoint blue, it’s called handwritin’

Today I’ll go fast, but minutes slower than way back when…

When wheels were 26”, Ritchey tires1.95” wide and pumped to 55lbs;

When Cannondale aluminum-framed bikes weighed in at 26 lbs;

When a Camelbak was required to carry all the tools you’d need to keep that piece-o-crap-bank-breaker together.

I respect you for riding up.  It ain’t easy.

It’s hard.

Look at all the punks that shuttle… makes me shutter.

They be missing out on the endorphin-nirvana you and I be drowning in.

But not you, and not me.

Hell no.

Respect the speed brother, The Old Diesel is comin’ through.

rolling over to meet Mike for drive to San Juan Trail
Rolling early to meet Mike and head to shred the San Juan Trail
it's always good to donate blood
it’s always good to donate blood
'cause life's about options
’cause life’s about options
I really need to work on shutting my moutn
I really need to work on shutting my mouth
Whoops... so much for an easy adventure ride.
Whoops… so much for an easy adventure ride.

1 Less Car

Accounting Bookkeeping Zoinks


It started off as a simple prod by a fellow cyclist blogging about the virtues of his 10 mile commute by bicycle each day..

So I tried it.

It’s not as easy as you’d think.  It takes some planning: gear and logistics. A RaceDay bag will help keep you on track.

Now I’m hooked.

Working a schedule makes it easy, and makes it something I look forward to at the end of the day when I’m commuting home.  Arriving relaxed vs. stressed from traffic is life changing.

The days I ride in, I’m first one at the office and I’m energized to make good things happen.

For sure, I’m riding home on Mondays, and back in on Tuesdays.  The straight shot home is about 20 miles.  On the way in, I leave very early and catch the world famous TMWC.  Meeting up with the group makes the commute in 40-50 miles depending on the route.

Loving the 1 Less Car lifestyle changes, I’ve added a second day to the schedule, bouncing between Wednesday and Thursday.

You in?… The first person to say “I’m in… and send me a Strava link to their commute is gettin’ one a these fine, ultra soft 1 Less Car t-shirts.

You’ll send a message to the rest of the world, that you’re down for doing your part in reducing traffic and pollution; and increasing fitness and fun.  It’s a 100% cotton t-shirt with an athletic cut… and you’ll look sharp.


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TMWC cornerWhat does it mean to have a vision, a dream that only you can see?

… and what are you going to do about it?

We just put on an event with riders from as far away as Arizona, from Malibu to San Diego, and cities and towns in between… all connected by a concrete web so tangled only the locals can navigate without an app…

… at 6:30AM!… on a Tuesday!!!

The unOFFICIAL TMWC has grown into the largest weekday morning, pre-work “race” in the US, and it started with a dream, a vision, only a few could see.

How’d we do it?

Really, how do you do that?

The original crew of 4 laughed at me when I told them the name of the ride, I couldn’t even take it seriously: The Tuesday Morning World Championships.  It sounded so unbelievable I had a crooked grin everytime I said it.  But, we just kept saying it over and over.

Give your dream an audacious and memorable name.

We’d pick up commuters who would join us on parts of the route, and we’d ask them about where they were headed and what they did.  We’d post in club forums, and reach out to local shops and teams.  Many great people have come and gone over the years, and many friendships have been made.

Make friends along the way.

Sure it hurts the ego when you can’t hang, but it’s such an ego stroke when you can make it one corner or hill further than before.  When you PR a segment! Give it your all, beating on each other makes the group stronger.

Be gracious and congratulatory.

With the ride, it took about a month to scout out the course.  Challenging.  Safe.  Interesting. And, for “the city”  pretty darn light-free, completely light and stop free the last 7 miles.  It’s a great course.

Make it great, whatever it is.

Start on time, don’t wait for flats, obey the traffic laws, teach newbys the rules of group riding. The group is depending on a reliable experience they can plan the rest of their busy lives around.

Be dependable.

We kept growing.  Each invitation being delivered with passion and conviction by ever more people:  “Hey man, we got this cool course and awesome group a guys.  We hit it pretty hard every Tuesday.  Come out.”  Depending on skills and fitness, we followed with “we could use a rocket like you to light it up” or “you’ll learn how to ride in a group, it’s safe.”

Keep inviting. One human at a time.

There’s genuine love (too mushy?) for each other.  We’ve shared our life stories:  marriage, work/no work, child-rearing, cancer, broken bones, spiritual journeys, what training is working, what big event is on the radar, encouraging each other all along.

Have love for the group and the individual.

With all that naming, friending, congratulating, greatness, dependability, inviting and loving you still have to persevere.  There have been times when it’s 28 degrees and dark, days we didn’t get home the night before until well after mid-night, many times with an evening MTB  race to follow.  There will be obstacles in the way, but if that dream is burning you’ll show up, you’ve got to show up to your own dream

Persevere, be the leader and be dependable.

Know that there are lots of wonderful new friends that want to be part of what you’ve got going on… and you’ll keep making it better, because those new friends will contribute their time and energy freely, simply because you shared your passion with them and they are digging your vibe.

Share the dream!

Thanks for being part of our dream this year.

Sarah Strange for (wo)manning the registration table and shooting great stills on the corkscrew.

Jim and Vickie Bishop for riding lead moto and shooting the drone footage I can’t wait to see.

Chad and Geno at Baghouse for the awesome awards.

Damion Hickman for the killer t-shirt art.

Shelby Burton for the new sexy kit design.

Marco Sanchez for scoring the Oakley eyewear.

Guy LaRoque,, for the insurance.

Robb Dorf for the PureFit bars.

Dan and Brandon for the Bowls of Heaven.

The local bike shops (I hope you frequent) for being awesome: RocknRoad, The Path and Two Hubs for the great gifts… really, go see these shops they are all unique and cool to visit.

Mike Gould, Chris Johnston and Jim Bishop for being on “the board”.

To all the trophy wives (that Susie Brown!) and husbands and lovers and kids and parents who indulge us and support us.

Now lets go build our dreams!

PS  The kids dominated!  1-2-3 when to Kevin 15, Mikael 18, Andrew 15… couldn’t be better.  We raised a record amount for the local high school MTB teams.  Official results will be up soon at

PSS… I’m sure I missed or forgot something, drop me a line and I’ll get it updated.

before corkscrew

Who’s missing? (TMWC)

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who's missingThe unOFFICIAL TMWC happens once a year, in July.

Tuesday morning, 6:30AM – quiet time in our little mecca.

7/19 is a Tour de France rest day, and we are all geeked up.

It’s warm, but not hot.

The faces are friendly, the introductions genuine.

Interlopers, real pros or soon to be pros, will own the day.  We don’t care.

Us regulars just want to play in the same sandbox as long as we can and with a little luck snag a PR on one of the course’s many segments.

This is our day to share what we love with you.

It’s real.

Straights and turns, false flats and climbs, streets and sidewalks…

All leading to a broad, bike-only road, edged with friendly trees and shade.

The final 7 miles.

Just a gentle pitch to start.

Brief punches out of the saddle to keep it honest.

A tunnel to yell and scream.

A sleepy motorcycle bar warns “trouble ahead, trouble behind”.

A 4 minute (for some) wall to conquer.

A 50 m.p.h descent, twisting under an endless oak canopy.

A this-can’t-be-flat straight away past the 100-year-old general store and elementary school.

A final 1-minute blast (for some) up the cork screw to a this-is-definitely-not-flat drag strip finish.

If you are on this list below, awesome.

See who of your friends should be on it, and pass along our little invite.

If you’re not, we hope you can make it… whether you beat us silly or you’re hanging on with all you’ve got, it won’t be the same without you.

There are 100 spots in total to be had, and we’d love to fill them soon so we can properly plan an awesome morning for you.

(Last year we had a hundred, so I’m sure we’ll hit that again… the question is will you or your pals be there?)

The event is free and a fundraiser, and U19 have guaranteed spots.

We hope you’ll be able to stay for a Bowl of Heaven and the podium presentation of 2016 Tuesday Morning World Champions.

Cheers!, tb

Register at

Some interesting stats so far:

$492 in donations, most common is $20 – largest $200!

34 registrants

3 of you have never done the ride

48% admit to riding 10-15 hours/week

82% of you learned about the ride from a friend –  gotta pass this email along : )


Thanks in advance, you all continue to amaze me with great friendship, riding skills and generosity.

Fritz Reimers

William Langstaff

Jim Bishop

Robert Cavallo

Christopher Hill

Michael Quito

Mark Christopherson

Daniel Eitman

RJ Kern

Steve Horvath

Brian Cronk

Todd Brown

Patrick Galvin

John Brantley

Scott Lamb

Kevin Vermaerke

Frank Warren

Kevin Cavallo

Rigo Cruz

Jim Carter

Michael Russell

Cy Zuidema

Thomas Butterfield

Jason Hole

Spencer Roundy

Brandon Thede

Michael Wieczorek

Patrick Coffey

Shayne Kennedy

Chris Johnston

Wade Poulson

Marco Sanchez

Michael Gould

High school friends, then and now

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my high school friends

My high school friends, then (2009) and now.

Such a happy day, during a very turbulent time of my life.

What to do when life gravity is pulling you down? Get some earthly gravity to pump you up.

My two sons, Trevor and Shane, and my other “high school” friends, Austin and Clutch, headed for our favorite downhill run: The San Juan Trial.

Why is it our favorite?

Because back when these punks were weak and scrawny (not Clutch), we only bombed trails, and SJT is the most bombable trail in OC – miles and miles of single track all headed downhill, all on decomposed granite – the kind of terrain that grinds flesh to the bone, all  flanked by buckthorn – the plant that tears at your clothes and skin, all full of twisty turns and rocky drops and lots and lots and lots of smiles.

Looking into that picture I see what time can do:  all four of the kids are now excellent men, blazing their own ride through life… making me as happy for them today as “way back when”.